I've got a Raspberry pi 3 with a Retropie installed on it. I want to be able to boot it directly to the desktop, without having the need to type startx every time, as I prefer to boot the Retro machine from the Terminal on the desktop whenever I want to play.

I tried to configure it manually in the boot options under the raspi-config settings, so I chose Desktop Auto-login - desktop GUI, automatically logged in as 'pi' user, but it changed nothing.

So then I found the file /lib/systemd/system/getty@.service and saw that the relevant line was already written as

ExecStart=-/sbin/getty/ --noclear -a root %I $TERM

Important note: at the beginning of the boot the Pixel desktop appears for 3 seconds and then it immediately goes to the CLI.

What am I doing wrong/ what can I do more in order to change it?


I got the same problem on my pi 3 and solved it according to archlinux wiki:

reinstall the gdk-pixbuf2 and lightdm package and reboot.

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