I've currently got a headless Raspberry Pi set up to play music. In my previous home I had an ethernet connection, and everything was fine and dandy. Then I moved, and now I have to work over WiFi. The WiFi adapter I had laying around is old and seems to eat an insane amount of power, so I have to plug it into a USB-hub with an external power supply. Considering that my speakers were probably also quite energy-hungry, I also plugged those into the hub.

So, setup now: Raspberry Pi with

  • USB-stick with music
  • USB hub with external power supply, physically 7 ports, internally 2*4.
    • power-hungry WiFi adapter
    • power-hungry speakers

Everything works fine until a reboot happens. The Pi won't recognize the WiFi adapter, nor the speakers, nor the 2nd internal 4-port hub of the USB-hub. To make everything work again I have to:

  1. Pull all power
  2. Plug in the Pi
  3. Wait about five seconds
  4. Plug in the adapter of the hub

When done correctly everything works, even with the "wait for network on boot" option turned on.

While I wait for a newer and (hopefully) less power-hungry WiFi adapter, is there any way to resolve this situation? Is this a shortcoming in the USB-hub, or one in the Pi? If in the hub, can I work around it with software? (Adding an SSR would help of course, but that seems like a bit overkill for a temporary problem.) If the shortcoming is in the Pi, how can I fix this?

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To anybody running into this problem: try a different usb hub. I'm currently using a simpler usb hub, and the problem is gone.

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