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Is there a usable rspamd package anywhere for Raspberry Pi Bullseye 64 bit?

Creating a mail server on Raspberry Pi with 64 bit OS, the rspamd package from the repository crashes, as described at rspamd won't start (code=killed, signal=SEGV) on Pi 4 (11 64-bit). It is ...
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2 answers

is apache James compatible with arm64

I am trying to set up a apache james mail server on my raspberry pi 4 but i get this error when i run the ./james schmax@ubuntu:~/james/james-server-...
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Mail server docker container for Raspberry Pi?

Does there exist a low maintenance mail server for Arm configured as a Docker container? I no doubt could set one up by hand but I really have better things to do with my time, and I'm lazy :-)
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rpi4 reliability boot ssd vs boot sdcard + ssd active drive [closed]

Nearly all the questions and posts around the internet discuss sd card vs SSD which should be fairly obvious, my question is unique? If someone knows a discussion of this elsewhere please link me. I'm ...
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Ssmtp won't work

So i'm trying to get ssmtp with mailutils running for unattended upgrades, but it won't work. I was following this guide:
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Zero-W Mail Server Setup

I would like to host a 'light-weight' mailserver on a raspberry pi and would like to host it on a rPi Zero-W. Specific objectives / requirements are: Send / Receive messages less a total of less ...
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Postfix/Dovecot Email Server (on Raspberry Pi) - Unable to configure POP3S connection with Gmail

I've been trying to configure my Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Jessie Lite) as a postfix/dovecot email server for my domain Using a combination of the fantastic walkthroughs written by ...
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4 answers

Should I entrust a home server role to a Raspberry Pi 2?

Say I’d like to run a small server with very little load to provide email and chat for my own personal use. Maybe three users in total. Could I trust a Raspberry Pi to this role? I’m a bit worried it ...
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Script to change desktop background

Say I want to email my Pi a picture, and have it set the latter as it's desktop background. Say that I also already have the script that makes it pull the mail from GMAIL and launch a python script. ...
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Multiple Raspberrys for different services

I'm currently running a Raspberry Pi 2 which hosts a mailserver environment (postfix, dovecot) a webserver (apache2, owncloud, roundcube) a VPN service (openVPN) and a backup service (rsnapshot). A ...
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2 answers

E-mail client to automatically handle attachments [closed]

I am looking for advice on where to start for this project: My plan is to use my RPi as an server to handle files. I thought an easy way to do this to setup an e-mail client that watches for new e-...
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postfix and heirloom-mailx problems

Iv'e just installed postfix on my pi and wanted to set it up to send emails via my gmail account. Ive followed this tutorial, but when i do sudo apt-get install heirloom-mailx it doesn't appear to ...
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How to set up ssmtp and send emails?

Im new to raspberry pi. I installed the raspian OS on it. I want to send emails from it using my gmail account. I want to send from the command line interface and from php scripts. I followed this ...
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