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Not able to use GPS in Raspberry Pi3 [duplicate]

The image shows the error when running the following code. import serial #import serial pacakge from time import sleep import webbrowser import sys def GPS_Info(): ...
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USB to Serial console communication using Cable [duplicate]

I am trying to communication between my computer and a Raspberry Pi 3 using a USB to TTL cable. I am receiving a lot of garbage through the communication and this is making it impossible to use the ...
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Where are the uarts on the raspberry pi 4?

The raspberry pi 4 has at least two uarts (as shown here), I know where I can connect to one of them. Pins 8, 10 and 12 have a uart as an option. Source: This site describes accessing uart1, where ...
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What is the correct way to connect serial console on RPi4 Model B?

My config.txt has: dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt enable_uart=1 at the end and my cmdline.txt has: root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait console=tty1 console=ttyAMA0,115200 And here's how I've connected it: I ...
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What is /dev/ttyAMA0

complete newbie here. Can someone please tell me what /dev/ttyAMA0. I read that it is the TxRx pins. But what is it? is it used to refer to the pins or their address? is it explicitly the Rx or the tx ...
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How many serial ports are on the Pi 3?

How many serial ports are on the Pi 3? There is one on the GPIO pin that goes to ttyS0. Is there a separate one for USB? I have read somewhere about /dev/ttyUSB0. Is that a separate serial port? ...
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How can I test if the serial / UART is good on a Raspberry Pi?

I've purchased a used Raspberry Pi and have followed the instructions from Wolf Paulus's Journal to connect to the Raspberry Pi from my computer using a PL2303 USB adapter. The specifications on the ...
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Connect sim800 to Raspberry PI (RX, TX)

I've been trying to connect my sim800L to my Raspberry pi 3 model B (rasbian) but without success... I'm at the very first step, and since I'm new to Raspberry pi, I don't understand very well how it ...
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Serial Port on Raspberry Pi 3 ttys0

I have a Raspberry Pi B and a Raspberry Pi 3. I am trying to get the Raspberry Pi 3's serial port working. I have put a jumper across pins 8 and 10 to check the serial port is working. I've executed ...
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UART problems on my Pi3

I am trying to send and receive radio signals using my Raspberry, but I am already stuck at the first step :) My Radio module uses UART for communication but I have failed to set up my serial ...
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How to communicate between Pi 3 and an Arduino using UART from GPIO?

I need to transfer data between Arduino and Pi. I have an Pi 3, and I used a simple circuit with a voltage divider to deal with 3.3v vs 5v logic levels. But I got nothing. Then, I used only Pi3 with ...
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Ser.write() function input

I am trying to to send a number from serial ports on my Pi 3 to a motor driver, (RoboLCaw) by using Python. I have read lots of articles on the internet about how to to do very simple number sending ...
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multiple UARTs on the 40-pin

i am trying to connect two devices via UART to a raspberry 4. one being a stepper driver (i dont need much throughput), one being an image sensor (the higher the baud rate is i can get, the better). ...
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Impact of using UART

I'm trying to understand the impact of using UART communication of the Raspberry's GPIO pins. So I'm reading the Raspberry UART documentation, but I'm not sure if I get everything right. It says: ...
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Sending data to a raspberry pi over serial connection

I am trying to control a raspberry pi running linux using a Windows PC by sending data over a serial port. I have followed the following guide:
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