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Get h264 from Webcam Logitech C922

The problem is that the C922 does not advertise its H264 stream over UVC whereas the C920 does. This is because Logitech did not want to enable general use of the H264 for the C922, but instead wanted ...
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How do you set hardware video encoder options with V4L2 M2M?

So when the V4L2 interface started providing hardware encoding/decoding, the method for setting these options changed. Previously the options were global - you'd set them once on /dev/video0 or ...
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Get h264 from Webcam Logitech C922

You may have to force the stream mode for your camera. First chek if MPEG or H264 is really available : v4l2-ctl --list-formats Using v4l2-ctl --all you will see the current resolution and pixel ...'s user avatar
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Setting up RTSP using v4l2

The correct commands to start an RTSP server on the Raspberry Pi are, for example: uv4l --driver raspicam --auto-video_nr --framerate 30 --extension-presence=0 cvlc v4l2c:///dev/video0:width=640:...
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Problem with VLC video player on my Raspberry Pi 4

Solved issue. I had to change the Pi's display options in raspi-config to 1024x768.
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raspivid doesn't include b-frames

Regarding the official answer on Raspberry Pi forum, it is not possible to include B-Frames into h264 stream since hardware encoder doesn't support it.
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Wrong timing in picamera video capture?

If you do not specify the default framerate in python then it will be set to 30fps. The players you are using expect a frame rate of 25fps. So your 30 second video should last 30seconds x 30fps/25fps =...
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Video encoding on Raspberry Pi 4 via ffmpeg and h264_v4l2m2m produces corrupted video

I eventually got this to work by swapping out the ffmpeg provided by apt and instead compiling the fork by jc-kynesim, which can be found at With this, it works, ...
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uv4l and janus "use of hardware codec is disabled in this restricted edition"

The author of U4VL is elusive and secretive. I suggest using the contact form on to negotiate a contract for commercial use. The pseudonyms of the author on the Raspberry Pi ...
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How to improve "motion" framerate, or feed "raspivid" h264 stream into "motion"?

My digging for how to split video streams, especially with different resolutions, led me to MMAL C library used by Pi: AFAIU, it gives you ...
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PiCamera stream differences

Issues in Android app visualization were given by a faulty network connection. It is pretty difficult to say what happens in detail because I cannot investigate further on access point configuration ...
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Monitoring hardware accelerated video decoding

I would approach this by checking the output of lsof | grep /opt/vc This will list all processes which access videocore libraries. This can be further narrowed down to a specific library you're ...
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UV4L raspicam webstreaming in H264

It seems there are some issues with timestamps in BCM2835 (for instance, Pi Zero) which affect the standard kernel driver for the RPi camera: The fix ...
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UV4L raspicam webstreaming in H264

The only way to play H264 video streams with standard web technologies is WebRTC. UV4L has been supporting WebRTC for years now, and the project website is plenty of examples, tutorials and demos made ...
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Omxplayer doesn't play videos when OpenGL enabled

The OpenGL driver that you can enable in raspi-config seems to be some sort of DRI driver. When it's enabled you have a /dev/dri/card0 device. Turn it off and the device goes away. It seems to ...
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How Can I Stream Video from SD Card over Ethernet via RTSP?

Try using this command vlc "Humvee_Large.h264":sout=#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:8554/} :sout-keep If you can access GUI, try using VLC's GUI streaming setup.
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Get h264 from Webcam Logitech C922

There is a H264 UVC extension, where you can enable muxing the H264 stream into the MJPG stream. After that, you can read the H264 frames from the APP4 JPEG markers. You can read about it from ...
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